The Will to Give

Her last will & testament was dated March 16, 1996.

In it, Candace “Candy” Hughes, of very sound mind and very good health, specified to “Give, Devise and Bequeath” her costume books and home to Interlochen Center for the Arts. She had just built a new home and had only been working for her employer for a few years.

Back in 1990, Candy Hughes was working as a graphic designer/illustrator in the Washington D.C. area. She had become interested in costume and scenic design. Volunteering at first, she eventually became a costume shop supervisor for Wolf Trap Opera Company and part-time stitcher at Arena Stage. She ended up as an award-winning costume and scenic designer for community theater and regional opera.

And she began to wonder where else could she do this?

“I called Interlochen in 1990, because I knew they had a Theatre department, and asked if they had any openings for the summer. They did, I applied for it, and got it. When I got here I put together a portfolio and a resume and applied for the Academy job, which had become available that summer, and got it. I have been here ever since.”

So what made this self-driven, practical, planful, artistic individual, who has designed and dressed so many actors and dancers for more than 26 years, put Interlochen in her will so long ago?

Thinking back, she simply stated, “It seemed the logical thing to do.”

A visual arts camper in 1966, Candy, may have already known how she was going to feel decades later. When asked what she wanted people to know about her 26-year career at Interlochen, she said:

“I see what Interlochen does for theater and dance majors and that’s what it is about … it’s not about anything else but the opportunities these kids have when they’re here and what that leads to in their adult lives.”

Candy is not only good at planning, but she also has her priorities in place.

Through her generous estate commitment, Candy will continue to help many more professional singers, dancers and actors perform and look their best in their tuxes, tutus and ties.