You have the opportunity to affect the PEOPLE, PLACE, PROGRAMS and OPPORTUNITY of Interlochen. Help prepare Interlochen for its second century and join us in giving everyone a place to unite through the arts. Two-thirds of our $125 million goal will be used to fund people and programs priority areas. The remaining third will be used for capital project priorities.


You Can Give Young Artists the Opportunity to Flourish

Interlochen students discover, often for the first time in their lives, a community of like-minded individuals who match their artistic passion. They meet teachers who unlock their potential to create at the highest level. They experience opportunities not available in their hometowns. They arrive on campus with dreams, and they leave with the ability to achieve them. CREATE AMAZING people and inspire the next generation of artists and creative leaders.


You Can Complete the Revitalization of Interlochen

Nestled among stately pines and glacial lakes, Interlochen is a place where artists find a community of like-minded individuals who nurture their talent and drive. It’s a place that inspires audiences and listeners with exemplary arts and culture. It’s a place that unites everyone through the arts. Through facilities that are worthy of the artists and the aspirations within, Interlochen can achieve its mission of inspiring and nurturing the future of every artistic endeavor.


You Can Enrich the Interlochen Experience

The world’s longest-running summer arts camp, the first arts boarding high school, a charter member of NPR—Interlochen is a leader in innovative programs that push the boundaries of the classroom, the airwaves and the stage.


You Can Support All Aspects of Interlochen

Increase scholarship support for talented, motivated students. Allow Interlochen to meet critical needs and explore new opportunities like the Arts Academy Orchestra and Dance Company’s 2016 critically acclaimed performance at the 2016 NY Phil Biennial. CREATE AMAZING opportunity and support the Interlochen Annual Fund and/or include Interlochen in your estate plans.