You Can Give Young Artists the Opportunity to Flourish

Interlochen students discover, often for the first time in their lives, a community of like-minded individuals who match their artistic passion. They meet teachers who unlock their potential to create at the highest level. They experience opportunities not available in their hometowns. They arrive on campus with dreams, and they leave with the ability to achieve them. CREATE AMAZING people and inspire the next generation of artists and creative leaders.


Nurture the Future of the Arts

Interlochen has always been committed to welcoming the most promising, talented young artists, regardless of financial background. Alumni go on to remarkable achievements in whatever field they choose to pursue. They are Grammy Award winners and MacArthur Fellows, arts administrators and NASA scientists, gifted teachers and doctors. CREATE AMAZING with Camp and Academy scholarships, investing in creative youth based on their talent and dedication, not their ability to pay.

Unlock Student Potential by Supporting Outstanding Teachers

“Probably the most amazing thing that has happened so far took place in a studio class with my vocal teacher, Mr. Norris. He gave me a sheet and told me to write my thoughts on it, all-the-while playing Samuel Barber’s “Adagio.” It was beautiful, with every scale, every crescendo, and with so much elegance. It made me think of the life I live everyday, constantly hearing artists from multiple cultures and ethnic backgrounds conversing through music, literature, and much more. I can’t imagine being anywhere else than where I am now; I can’t imagine being departed from my second home. It was a powerful emotion that I can still feel now.” -Joshua, Voice, Academy & Camp, Age 16, Bridgeport, W.Va.

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