Unlock Student Potential by Supporting Outstanding Teachers

Our young artists have the talent to succeed, but our teachers unlock their potential.

“Probably the most amazing thing that has happened so far took place in a studio class with my vocal teacher, Mr. Norris. He gave me a sheet and told me to write my thoughts on it, all-the-while playing Samuel Barber’s “Adagio.” It was beautiful, with every scale, every crescendo, and with so much elegance.

It made me think of the life I live everyday, constantly hearing artists from multiple cultures and ethnic backgrounds conversing through music, literature, and much more. I can’t imagine being anywhere else than where I am now; I can’t imagine being departed from my second home. It was a powerful emotion that I can still feel now.”  -Joshua, Voice, Academy & Camp, Age 16, Bridgeport, W.Va.

Joshua’s experience is an example of how Interlochen teachers CREATE AMAZING opportunities for our students every day. They stimulate learning and discovery and make Interlochen a home away from home. They enrich coursework with guest artists and multi-city tours to expand student horizons. They engage with the local community, from Munson Medical Center in Traverse City to local elementary schools, churches, and community organizations, to help students create art beyond their own internal perspectives.

These outstanding teachers are essential in training the next generation of creative leaders. Through this Campaign, you can make a lasting impact and support Interlochen teachers by:

  • Endowing a Division Chair to help Interlochen attract, recruit and retain the most outstanding academic and artistic leaders
  • Naming an Academy or Camp faculty position
  • Supporting professional development opportunities for our faculty

Please contact advancement at 231-276-7623 or advancement@interlochen.org for more information about creating teacher endowments (minimum $100,000) or supporting existing endowments (no minimum). Endowment opportunities include division chairs and named Camp and Academy faculty positions.