You Can Complete the Revitalization of Interlochen

During the past two decades, with the help of generous supporters and careful financial management, the campus has undergone a revitalization. Important spaces have been constructed or improved, including:

  • Harvey Theatre (1998)
  • The Writing House (2003)
  • Roscoe O. Bonisteel Library (2005)
  • Aaron and Helen L. DeRoy Center for Film Studies (2006)
  • Mallory Costume Shop (2007)
  • Herbert H. and Barbara C. Dow Center for Visual Arts (2008)
  • Mallory Towsley Center for Arts Leadership (2011)
  • Upton Morley Pavilion (2011)
  • Stone Cafeteria (2015)
  • New Welcome Center (2015)
  • Dennison Center for Recreation and Wellness (Opening in 2016)

Now, with your support, we can create worthy homes for Music and Dance—two core artistic disciplines that have not yet benefitted from this campus revitalization.

CREATE AMAZING spaces to perform and experience the arts and complete the revitalization of Interlochen.

Music Building

Create a Worthy Home for Music

Interlochen is the world’s preeminent training institution for aspiring young musicians. The music program is the largest of our seven artistic disciplines, serving more than 1,800 musicians each year. Interlochen has envisioned a modern, centralized home for its founding artistic discipline for more than 20 years. Now, with your help, realizing this vision is within our grasp.

Promote Health and Wellness for Artists

Tucked in the woods next to Pinecrest Dining Hall, the new Dennison Center for Recreation and Wellness has revolutionized fitness activities for Interlochen students.

Dance Building

Set the Stage for the Future of Interlochen Dance

An updated home for the Dance Division will expand the opportunities for young dancers today.

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