An updated home for the Dance Division will expand the opportunities for young dancers today.

“Now is the time to infuse new energy into the dance division and amplify the work we already do. Through this expansion and renovation, we can enhance the entire dance experience at Interlochen—attracting high caliber faculty and guest artists; accommodating groundbreaking artistic ideas; and providing an unparalleled venue to train the world’s emerging dancers.”
-Joseph Morrissey
Interlochen Director of Dance (15-Present)

Since its beginnings in 1940, Interlochen Dance has grown from 5 dancers to more than 150 from 26  states and U.S. territories and 8 countries. These talented artists go on to a wide range of successful careers, from professional dancers to lawyers and entrepreneurs.

These dancers have trained in the Hildegarde Lewis Dance Building for six decades, but now, together, we have the opportunity to rejuvenate this home for dance and complete the revitalization of Interlochen.

Create a Hub for Dance

With your support, young dancers will have:

  • Five studios
  • Two viewing areas
  • Two offices
  • Two storage areas
  • New bathroom facilities
  • New technology
  • Elevator
  • Welcoming lobby

Help Interlochen Dancers Soar

These changes will significantly enhance the learning environment for all Interlochen dancers—students, teachers and guest artists. Renovation, expansion and modernization are all critical in attracting and retaining the most talented and motivated students and faculty.

Additional studios will allow more dancers to train simultaneously. These spaces will have ceilings high enough for intricate partner work and allow male dancers to practice their grand jetés with complete freedom.