Promote Health and Wellness for Artists
Tucked in the woods next to Pinecrest Dining Hall, the new Dennison Center for Recreation and Wellness has revolutionized fitness activities for Interlochen students.

23,172 square feet houses:

  • A large gym that can be partitioned for basketball, volleyball, indoor soccer, archery and other activities
  • Weight and fitness rooms
  • Separate locker and shower facilities for students and employees
  • A conference room
  • A climbing wall, game room, and studio
  • Offices for recreation and wellness staff

None of this would be possible without a multi-million dollar bequest from former trustee and alumna Lee Dennison (Camp/National Music Camp: 66-67; Academy 67-70; Camp Staff: 71-74; University Women: 74). Her gift has allowed Interlochen to build a year-round wellness program that has greatly expanded current campus offerings, especially during the winter months.

Dennison, a member of the National Endowment for the Arts from 1975-2004, dedicated her life to the arts and was a beloved champion for Interlochen. Her vision to create artists who also understand the importance of wellness will now come to fruition.

Through her generosity, the new wellness program at Interlochen will move beyond physical activities and focus on the “whole child” philosophy. The Center will explore stress and time management techniques and nutrition. Classes will also explore lifestyle and social and emotional well-being.

Because of Dennison’s support, Interlochen students will learn that caring for their whole self is an important part of becoming their best artistic self.

*The Dennison Center for Recreation and Wellness began construction in fall 2015 and opened in fall 2016.