The new music building

Great news! You’ve helped us raise more than $21M for this crucial project. Thanks to your wonderful response, this long-awaited facility is now under construction and is expected to be complete in spring 2019.

Watch the construction now!

Meanwhile, our fundraising efforts continue, as we seek to close the gap between our fundraising progress and the estimated $24M construction cost. If you have not already made a gift or pledge to the new Music Building, we invite you to support this project. Please call 231-276-7623 or email for more information.

Create a Worthy Home for Music

As the cornerstone of our overall strategy to provide spaces that inspire and transform, the new Music Building is essential to preparing Interlochen for its second century of training the world’s best musicians.

Through the new Music Building, faculty, guest artists and Interlochen Academy and Camp students will convene in one, contiguous location for the first time. Seamlessly connected to the Frohlich Piano and Percussion Building and Corson Auditorium, this new structure will support a historically vibrant community of musicians.

Major structural features include:
  • 3 floors (approximately 65,000 square feet) with optimal acoustics, environmental controls and soundproofing
  • 25 new teaching studios
  • 12 new practice rooms
  • Nine ensemble rooms
  • Two recording studios
  • Two large rehearsal rooms with observation balconies
  • Lobby entrance
  • Instrument repair rooms
  • Instrument lockers for students
  • New technology, including theater, video projection, and real-time video and audio links; high-speed, high-definition audio; and smart interactive technology
Optimal Practice Areas Tuneable and sound-isolated practice and rehearsal areas are critical in the continued recruitment of the most talented faculty, guest artists and students.

A sophisticated, low-velocity HVAC system will eliminate as much ambient noise as possible, and all teaching studios and ensemble rooms will have splayed walls to optimize acoustics.

A New Central Hub Musicians who have been spread across 1,200 acres will finally have a central hub to mingle, fostering collaboration across genres and leading to a greater understanding of peers. Here, they will come together to create amazing works of art.

Global Connectivity New technology will further connect Interlochen musicians with the world’s vibrant arts culture. Guest artists will be able to lead master classes simultaneously from around the globe via high-speed audio/video conferencing.

Invest in the future of Music

Interlochen musicians are an integral part of the world’s musical landscape.

Today, an estimated 17 percent of the musicians in the nation’s major orchestras are Interlochen alumni. In addition, many perform in international orchestras, including those in Canada, Israel, China, Venezuela, Germany, Sweden, Hong Kong and England.

Alumni have received over 120 Grammy Awards in every musical genre, from classical and rock to jazz and fold. They have excelled as arrangers, composers, producers and arts managers across the world.

Now, we have the opportunity to create an even more exceptional environment for the world’s future musicians.

Join us in creating a place for musicians to thrive.

Music Building Progress

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